How to be a good wife guide – Make your husband mad about you

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  • May 17, 2013
1x1.trans How to be a good wife guide   Make your husband mad about you

how to be a good wife guide

How to be a good wife guide: Experts say that deficiency of education on marriage and family is the major cause of divorce in the US and other developed countries. So it is vital to learn about married life for both partners in order to spend a successful life.

 On the other hand,  imagine your husband saying to his family member or telling his friends,

“I’ve the best wife in the world. I can’t live without her”

In order to achieve this, every women asks,

How Can I be a good wife?

The answer is there is not just one thing you can do and become a good wife. Instead there is series of acts and dos and don’ts you have to take care of. So here are few tips and instructions you can follow in order to be a successful wife.

How to be a good wife guide

1). Smile: yes, it has to power to convert your home into a heaven. Smile whenever he stares at you, smile when you do something for him and smile when he is back and you open door for him.

1x1.trans How to be a good wife guide   Make your husband mad about you

smile for your husband

2). Look clean, beautiful and lovely: Take care of your body and watch your weight. Look and feel pleasant and fragranced.

3). Be a nice and pleasant lady: Whatever situation occurs in your house, treat that with politeness and smartly. Don’t show your anger on little things instead be calm. Men like problem solver wife, not problem creator.

Are you husband? Here is How to be a good husband guide.

4). Respect your husband like your king: when your consider yourself a queen you’ve to respect your king like a queen does. And in return you’ll get greater respect.

5). Communicate nicely and effectively: Tell your husband your needs politely and with love. Dont force him to do so and don’t remind him over and over again that you are his responsibly.

6). Be your husband’s best friends: Join your husband in his interests and have some fun like his best friends.

7). Support your husband: Support him whenever he is passing through hard times. Tell him you are with him no matter how much difficulties come in his life.

1x1.trans How to be a good wife guide   Make your husband mad about you

support your husband

8). Be active in bed: Husband lost interest in his wife when she doesn’t take interest in sexual life. To be an apple of your husband’s eye, you must be active in sexual life and try to please him as much as possible.

9). Fresh and clean bed room: Make your bed room clean, fresh and fragranced. This applies to your whole house as well but focus on bed room more.

10). Love him, Kiss him: Don’t expect him to be an active lover, instead you should love and kiss him as well.

11). Ask him about his work: Ask him what problems he is facing on work and give him suggestions.

12). Be honest and loyal to him: Don’t talk to him about how better other men are. It kills him. And never ever think of betraying him.

13). Be a thankful wife: This is what pleases a husband the most. You must thankful to your husband whatever he does for you, no matter how little are the favours. And do this occasionally. That is very important point of this how to be a good wife guide.

13). Cook well: Make him and your family fan of your food. And now you are done with how to be a good wife guide. Go and implement what you’ve learned.

1x1.trans How to be a good wife guide   Make your husband mad about you

cook well for husband and family

Remember your house is an empire and you are the queen of that. And to be a queen you’ve to be ingenious and smart enough to handle your empire including your king (your husband).

You’ve gone through the good approach but remember there are no golden rules guaranteed to work for you. You have to judge and analyse your husband yourself and take smart steps accordingly

You just learned about How to be a good wife guide.

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  • Kyle

    How about a book advise how to be a good husband? That will make the article make more sense.

  • Indigo

    What, is this the 1950’s?

  • fluffy

    Excellent article. This is how my hubby wants me to be and it helped me so much! Its not the 1950’s men are men and this is just what they want, untill women start understanding this and applying it the marriage will be better but of course the husband must be good as well.

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