How to root android phone or tablet- step by step guide

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  • June 6, 2013
1x1.trans How to root android phone or tablet  step by step guide

How to root android phone or tablet- step by step guide

How to root android phone or tablet- step by step guide

When we talk about rooting any device it means getting all the privileges and access to an android functionality to get the most out of our android device.

There are many advantages of rooting

  1. You can run special applications for rooted phones
  2. Free some memory
  3. Improved performance and increased battery timing
  4. Custom themes and looks (ROMs)
  5. You can use lots of fun apps that to tweak you calling and messaging.

How to root android phone or tablet- step by step guide

  1. Your first most step is get the Unlock Root Tool from this link. They provide free as well as paid version. But we are going to utilize th free one.
  2. Download the tool to your computer for use.
  3. Use the setup to install Unlock root tool.
  4.  You will find the main file on your desktop.
  5. Connect your android device to your computer using the data cable provided with your handset.
  6. Download the necessary drivers from internet or from the provided CD.
  7. After completing setting up your android with computer, run the above mentioned software from your desktop and use the button that says, root.
  8. Then a large number of devices will be on your screen that the software has ability to root.
  9. From there search and choose your mobile or tablet.
  10. Start and give it some time to complete. When finished, the software will let you know.
  11. Give you android fresh breath by disconnecting from computer.
  12. Restart your android phone or tablet to see the changes.
  13. Best of Luck!

Important things to note:

Before you root your phone

  1. You must know that rooting your device will void its warranty.
  2. Search on google about rooting of your specific device- was the rooting successful and beneficial?
  3. Backup all you data.

You just learned about How to root android phone or tablet- step by step guide.

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  • Adam

    Anyone tried this? Working perfect or not?

  • Clint

    I just tried this and apparently it (the root program) won’t work on my ZTE z990g. It suggests I purchase their pro version – not happening-. The program seems pretty quick and easy, so if you have a phone that it will work on go for it!

    • Muhammad Adnan Bashir

      Thanks, Clint for your feedback. You can search free full somewhere from the internet. For most of the phones, I can tell it’ll work perfectly.


  • Sharp Mind

    its nice,,,,,,,,,,,use super onclick root its nice and easy tool 4rooting good luck>

  • billy

    thanks so so much i have the emoto e9000 and it worked on my phone thanks your a life saver

  • dboz555

    All i want to do is have my picks and apps default to the 32 GB memory card i purchased for my tablet. Do i seriously have to root my device to do this?

  • Xing Alexzender TohiD

    good tips.i will try


  • Bharat Bhogat

    can i use for root bluestack in my laptop

  • jaddy

    Well you may download framaroot.apk to root your device it is the easiest way

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